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A unique wine producing area

The vineyards of Riebeek Cellars lie in a richly diverse area in terms of soil, climate and topography. Vineyards are situated at heights that vary from 60 m above sea level to 300 m against the slopes of the Kasteelberg mountains. Because of the topography, the soils display the same rich variety, with Oakleaf and Dundee alluvial soil formed by sediment from die Berg River to Swartland and Glenrosa soils formed out of underlying shale along the Kasteelberg mountains.


It is this unique terroir that distinguish the wines of Riebeek Cellars.Rainfall occurs during winter months with enough cold units to ensure a proper rest phase for the vines before bud-break in early September. The summers are sunny and warm with cooling westerly winds that are ideal conditions for producing fine white and red wines.

Our Vineyard

A wide array of cultivars thrives in the Riebeek Valley with Shiraz, Chardonnay and Chenin blanc especially shining through because of the gravel and shale soil’s moderate growth and yields. The excellent terroir is complemented by modern viticulture techniques to ensure the grapes can ripen to their full potential.


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