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Riebeek Valley Wine Co – A New Era

On Friday, 18 January 2019, a new era has begun in the Riebeek Cellars’ proud winemaking tradition with their new company name, Riebeek Valley Wine Co. They hosted a successful and informative launch at their cellar to inaugurate their...

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Thembile Ntloko Rises to Success at Riebeek Cellars

Not every hero’s story features a fearsome dragon and a swift white horse. Some heroic tales hinge on difficult circumstances and the ability to see the opportunity for growth when it presents itself. The story of Thembile Ntloko and...

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Experience the Valley

To celebrate our 77th Birthday we have combined some of our favourite moments in history. Journey with us as we take a walk down memory lane.   1920’s AMPTELIKE STIGTING van ‘Die van Riebeek Wynboere Koöperatiewe Mspy. Beperk’ Die Swing-era...

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Weekly Wine Pairings & Discounts

Take a trip to the Riebeek Valley and enjoy weekly wine pairings of our award-winning Riebeek Cellars wines expertly paired with delicious treats to enhance flavours and bring out the best aromas and tastes. There will also be a...

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